Welcome all who have traveled to our fair Barony on the Web. We have all sorts of activities, classes, and knowledgeable people to learn from. You are welcome to join us, whether you are new to this "game" we play, or have been playing for quite a while.

We are a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism, otherwise known as the SCA, which is by far the largest medieval and Renaissance re-creation group in the world.

The Barony of Three Mountains is the area around Portland, Oregon and includes all of Multnomah County, all of Clackamas County, and the southern parts of Columbia County. Our northern neighbor just over the Columbia River is the Barony of Stromgard , our Neighbors to the West are the Barony of Dragon's Mist and Shire of Mountain Edge, and our Neighbor to the South the Barony of Terra Pomeria.






Baronial Council

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Our unofficial facebook group for the Barony can be found by searching for : "Barony of Three Mountains (SCA)


Our Baronial mail address is: P.O.  BOX 8735, Portland, OR 97207.