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Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship

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Want to enter the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Championship next year? Remember you must have your letter of intent to The Arts and Sciences Minister by 12th Night . Entrants for overall Champion must also send a letter to TRM by 12th night. Your letter should include the following;

  • Your SCA and Mundane names
  • Your branch
  • The name of anyone you are in fealty to
  • A description of what you entry or entries are. This should include the time and place the entries are based on.
  • Contact information, email and phone number is required.
  • The type of entrant you are, Single Entrant, In-Depth Feedback or Overall Champion

Effective 2005 - Research papers and compositions are due to the Kingdom A&S Minister by 12th Night along with the Letter of Intent.

Instead of a letter you can download this form and fill it out. Letters are acceptable by snail mail or email or handed in directly at 12th night.

Email your Letter of Intent to the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Minister.

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