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New Judging Forms and Handbooks are being created for Kingdom Arts & Sciences and Kingdom Bardic 2016.

The new forms will be published fall 2016.


Effective 2005 - Research papers and compositions are due to the Kingdom A&S Minister by 12th Night along with the Letter of Intent.

Samples of a Research Papers

These are for entries into the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Championship in previous years. These are large PDF files and will take a while on slow connections.

"WHIPS AND ANGELS":Painting on Cloth in the Mediaeval Period
by Linnet Kestrel, OL.

The Kiev Psalter of 1397: An Analysis
by Baroness Nadezhda Toranova of Seagirt, OL

MLA Bibliographic Style--A Brief Guide
Useful link to information on writing Research papers and styles guides, this link also has links to other good sites.

Documentation Resources

Disclaimer: Most of these links will open up a new website that is not affiliated with this website in any way. No guarantee is implied by including these links here. As always, caveat emptor!

Chart for documentation - from 3x5 card to research paper (Mistress Ariel)
History of a Good Idea - (Mistress Ariel)
Beginner's Guide to Research and Development - (Mistress Linnet Kestrel)
How to win the A&S Championship - by those who have done so
Documentation is not an Obituary - (Master Terafan Greydragon)


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