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Sun Jun 15, 2003

War College

This year, I just day-tripped War College. Spent much of the afternoon chatting with my friend Mira, and taking a glass bead-making class from Lady Rafny Garansdottir. We had a great time after the class, just sitting around and making beads, I had brought my own bead-making gear. She offered to donate a necklace of hand-made beads as a prize for Sport of Kings. In the evening, I gave a harp lesson to Aubrey and attended Sir Ataias' Laurel vigil. Just had to soak up some of those "vigil vibes" ;-)

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Thu Jun 12, 2003

What I'm planning for my Laurel ceremony

Order of the Laurel called.
Three who will speak for me - Isolde, Mira and Hlutwige.
I am called into court. Ulfredsheim processes in from back and stops well short of the Order.
(I continue on to front) More...

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