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Mon Jul 21, 2003

We Survived It!

3 days, 2300 people, blazing sun, 100 degree temperatures, mucho dust and prodigious amounts of horse manure. Oh, and a very long court. I was one of the 12(!) peerages to happen, which has to be a record for an event here in An Tir. More...

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Thu Jul 17, 2003

Off to Coronation

Packed the last stuff in the trailer tonight, finished all the stuff we had to get ready. We'll get up at 6 in the morning, take a shower, put the harp, bodhran, breads and coolers in the back of the car and hit the road. Gotta stop at Shipwreck Beads in Olympia, to pick up the beads for Gunnarr and Gabrielle's reign. We should get to site shortly after noon. We hope to get in early, because we have so much stuff to set up before the vigils start. It'll be a long day...

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Mon Jul 14, 2003

Getting Baked

I spent the weekend baking 4 dozen blueberry scones and 8 loaves of Irish soda bread. And packed the trailer for Coronation. I went to Stromgard's Equestrian event to play harp for a handfasting in the evening and stayed for the bardic circle afterwards.

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Fri Jul 11, 2003

Gearing up for Coronation

We're getting ready for Coronation in a week. What do we have to do? Let's see, shopping for supplies, pack the trailer, pick out garb and finish prepping food for the vigil. Liadan is handling most of the food and drinks, and I'm baking Irish soda bread and scones. More...

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Wed Jul 09, 2003

Calling All Musicians

It looks like I will be the court musician to Their Excellencies Titus and Kateline, the soon-to-be Baron and Baroness of Three Mountains. My duties will be to ensure that there are musical interludes before and in court. Do you play an instrument? If you do, contact me at if you are interested in performing in a low-pressure, friendly atmosphere. I'd also like to form a consort of several musicians who could perform together for feasts and courts.

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Sun Jul 06, 2003


Just got back from Jarlshof, Jarl Dak's estate out beyond Auburn, WA. We camped out in the woods and made boards from logs with mallets and wedges, and hewed them to shape with adzes and drawknives. More...

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