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Tue Sep 30, 2003

Kingdom Bardic

I went to the first Kingdom of An Tir Bardic Competition last weekend. It was a good competition, and the first time I've competed at Kingdom level. Good performances by everyone, and I especially enjoyed talking to the judges afterwards. I knew going in that my documentation was weak, and this was reinforced by the judges. This is what constructive criticism is all about, you learn from it. My thanks to all who worked so hard at this event. And also to Leuke verch Meyler, who gave me crash space at her house.

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Sun Sep 14, 2003

A Fun Picnic

Had a great time yesterday at the Baronial picnic. The weather was beautiful, and lots of folks turned out, including several "old-timers" I haven't seen in years. It was billed as the "Three Mountains Family Reunion", and it was very successful. It was an afternoon for socialization, and I got the chance to talk with many friends, old and new. We had a short court for fealty swearings and a dessert potluck for folks to munch on. A fun afternoon!

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