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Thu Nov 27, 2003

Crown Council

I drove up to Spokane a couple weekends ago for Crown Council, traveling with Dame Mira and her 5-month old daughter. Attended my first Kingdom-level Laurel meeting, and made a presentation. Saw some really nice stuff at the artisan's display in the hall, Wealdsmere and area has some talented folks doing great work. Contracted for my Laurel scroll with Viscountess Inga from Avacal after I saw some samples of her work. More...

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Mon Nov 03, 2003


We had our eighth Samhain event this weekend. We arrived in time for the audience of Their Excellencies Titus and Kateline. Provided a little background music for that and then went downstairs and did an impromptu jam session with Heather the Incorrigible and her friend Catherine, playing Irish flute and pennywhistle, while I played harp and bodhran. The feast was next, including a roast peacock that was carried in and presented to the high table, and covered in it's own feathers. The bird was skinned with the feathers intact, and they were placed over the roasted bird. Very impressive. Feast was followed by Baronial court, did a little music for that, and then a harp, bodhran and fiddle jam with Rachel ni Dunne afterwards.

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