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Tue Dec 30, 2003

Getting Ready for 12th Night

Writing ceremonies, printing out inventory lists and heraldry, getting things ready for taking an apprentice, practicing harp, rounding up stuff for a vigil. Liadan's made an amazing number of necklaces for awards at court.

What's going on? More...

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Tue Dec 16, 2003


A good friend has passed on today.

Gerhard Kendal, Baron of Lion's Gate for 26 years. Knight, Laurel, former Pelican, Lion of An Tir, and so much more...

I first met him about 15 years ago, when up in Lion's Gate for May Crown. Many times over the years, I've had the chance to talk with him and always left with the opinion that he and Amanda were very close to our ideal in the Society. They were the people we chose to emulate. I always was proud to call him friend.

In the last couple years, as the cancer ate away at his body and health, he never lost his will to live, to serve, to learn and teach. He remained active right up until the end. Always his eyes glittered with the anticipation of his next adventure, even death itself.

He lived his life with grace, bravery, dignity, and above all else, joy in everything he did. He will be fondly remembered long after many of our Kings have been forgotten, his influence was so great. He gave so much to enrich our Kingdom, and we will be the poorer for his passing...

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Sun Dec 07, 2003

Yuletide happenings

We've been busy the last several weeks. Liadan has finished the tunic she made for Crown Princess Asa, in red linen with Norse applique on the arms. We've shifted now to the feast season and getting ready for Estrella. I played harp at Yule Feast last night, and will play again at Aefflaed's Laurel vigil tomorrow night and Stromgard's Yule next weekend. Attended Brigitta's Pel vigil last weekend. Much painting of tent is going on right now. More...

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