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Sat May 15, 2004

Demo Season

It's tourney season again, and also there seems to be a lot of demos recently. I did one last week at Irvington School for the 1st and 2nd graders. We had costumes and fighters as well as myself with the harp. I think of all the different ages I've done demos for, I like the young children the best, they're so into the idea of knights and castles, and magic is still real. And they haven't developed the jaded attitude that some teenagers get.

We did a demo yesterday for SWIFT, a charity group. They're based in Clark County, Washington and raise money for several childrens charities as well as Habitat for Humanity. We provided entertainment for several hundred people who were dressed to the nines - black-tie and evening gowns - before and after the charity auction. More...

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Thu May 13, 2004

Music and Glass

For the last several weeks, I've been working with Qada'an. She is Baroness Isrith's apprentice. She's got a wonderful voice, I've been teaching her some tunes, and she's been teaching me some. We're about to start performing together, first time will be this weekend. I'll be playing harp on the slower tunes and bodhran on the faster ones.

Tonight we had 3M's A&S Night at out house. We had a bunch of folks working in my shop, making glass beads. Mistress Leah, Rafny Garansdottir, Tekla, Reginleif, Baroness Khalja, Svava and Hrafnir all were busy making beads. It got mighty warm in the shop with 6 torches and a kiln going, though.

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