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Sat Sep 11, 2004

New Harp!

Well, new to me, anyway. It's a 34-string Cambria, a gift from a friend. It needed a new soundboard and some other repairs, which would have been fairly expensive. He gave it to me because I repair and build harps, and he didn't want to deal with it - he's got several other harps. So thank you, Brad - I'll give it a good home and fix it up!

I'll tear it apart soon, make a new soundboard for it, and in the process, make it look a little more "period" with some of the decoration and metalwork derived from the Trinity College and Ballinderry harps.

Here I am playing it at the Beaverton Farmers Market demo that Three Mountains and Dragons Mist did today. Being a "low-head" variety like my other harps, it's pretty compact for a 34-string harp. I actually hold it about a foot off the ground to play - I'm 6'3". Gotta make a stand for it, too.

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