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Wed Jan 18, 2006

On vigil again...

At 12th Night-
I was up behind the thrones taking pictures of Oriana's Pelican ceremony, and after it was over, I returned to the area off to the side of the room where most of the Ulfredsheim folks were. No sooner had I gotten back there, I was then called into court myself. It wasn't until I realized that the Pelicans were still up there that I knew I was about to be put on vigil. Afterwards, Kateline stopped me on the way back and said hang on for a second. Then they called in Penelope Violette and put her on vigil. Earlier, our household member Gulenay had been put on vigil for Laurel.

So, I'll probably do it at May Crown, since Penny and Gulenay are doing theirs there. There'll probably be a big contingent of 3M folks and Ulfredsheim folks there, despite the fact that we're getting to be be wimps about camping out that early in the season, especially east of the Cascades.

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