Getting Ready for 12th Night

Writing ceremonies, printing out inventory lists and heraldry, getting things ready for taking an apprentice, practicing harp, rounding up stuff for a vigil. Liadan's made an amazing number of necklaces for awards at court.

What's going on?


Friday night, HRH Asa is having her Laurel vigil. I'm so happy for her, she was the one at the very top of my "why aren't they Laurels" list that I've had for years. I'll be doing photography and video for her, plus we're bringing some of the decoration stuff to "de-mundaneize" her hotel room. We'll drop into Leah's vigil that night, too. Mira and I brought her works up from Three Mountains to the Laurel meeting at Crown Council, where it was decided to offer her the Laurel. A happy night to see so many friends on vigil.

Saturday morning, there's a Laurel meeting at 9 am, then over to the other building to the bardic performance area to play harp, which will be a warm-up practice - I'm a court musician in the afternoon court. Then into the A&S area. There, I'll be taking my first apprentice, HL Temair of Hawthorne. I've written out a simple ceremony. Temair will do well, she really has that spark of "must learn and do" that I look for.

In the afternoon, there will be the final court of Gunnarr and Gabriell, and it will be a long one. Liadan has made as many award necklaces for this one court as she has made for entire reigns, she's actually run out of beads in this reign's colors, and had to purchase more. Plus there's a large number of peerages happening. In fact, I expect this event to break the record number of peerages set last July at Coronation, where 12 peerages were given. I was one of the 4 Laurels, also a record for one event. There have been entire years - and not that long ago - when less Laurels were made. I checked back through the OP because I was curious. I'm not sure how many the other Orders have on vigil for this event, but there's 5 or 6 Laurels including Asa, Cystennin and Leah bat Yehiel. I'm bringing my knee pads for this court!

And of course all the other things that happen in a last court, Champions and officers being released from fealty, the King's Favors, Throne Favors and Forget-me-Nots. Then the final stepping-down, and Skapti and Asa have their Coronation court and take the Throne. Perhaps some awards, but also a number of new officers and the fealty swearings.

Of course, party time Saturday night - we'll probably start at the hotel, but end up partying at the large beach house Ulfredsheim rented for 3 nights nearby, so it'll be a fun place. Who'll be there? Us (Liadan and Conchobar), Ulfred, Elfreda and Magni, Valkyrie and Ansgar, Olin, Khalja and Magnus, Myrth and Random, Aradia and Torfin, Kseniia and Meredith, Svava and Hrafnir, Demetria and Bruce, Angelika, Gulenay, and Frederick. And Rauokinn and Vilius, Achaxe and Octamasades, their new baby Samuel, Thorin and Dagmaer will be staying in another beach house nearby. Party time!

Sunday is Curia and the reign turnover inventory, and back to the beach house to party down ... ummm... recuperate until Monday...

Posted by: Conchobar on Dec 30, 03 | 5:23 pm


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