Twelfth Night

We're back from Twelth Night. On the way up, it was like driving across a line in the Skagit valley, on one side the ground was bare, on the other, snow. Within 500 feet there was 2 inches of snow. It was the edge of the cold air spilling down from the Fraser valley. By the time we got to Bellingham there were about 8 or 9 inches of snow on the ground. At least we didn't have to have to deal with the snow much as we stayed indoors most of the time.

A couple weeks before, I finished carving the master for the new Goutte medallions. Torfin helped me cast a bronze master and then I made a mold from it. In the last week, I made a bunch of Gouttes, Jambes and Forget-Me-Nots to deliver to TRMs.


At September Crown, our household member Svava (the Short) was put on vigil for Laurel. Along with Mistress Fjorlief, who she was appenticed to, I was her "wrangler". We helped her arrange her ceremony, scroll, vigil and any other detail for her elevation to the Order. A couple weeks before the event, she got her name back from the heralds, it's now "Svana in Litla."

On Friday night, she had her vigil. We decorated the room in the "pink monkey" theme, she likes pink, her nickname's "Pinkie" (at least when she's partying) and she's a monkey in the Chinese Zodiac. So we covered the tables and modern pictures on the wall in pink fabric, and there was lots of monkey kitsch about. I also went to Jill Blackhorse's vigil for Pelican, where I also talked with Alfric about the bench he was delivering to Duchess Asa, I had seen it earlier at July Coronation and he had completed the carving. Beautiful work, he's really coming along as a woodcarver.

On Saturday morning I had a Laurel meeting, then court started a little after noon. Svana's Laurelling happened about a half hour into court, then a little while later Balthasar's and Oso's. Jill's Pelican ceremony took place about 2 hours into court. Liadan had a headache and went back to our room to lay down for a bit, and so missed it when we both were called up to each receive a Throne Favor from TRMs Thorin and Dagmaer. Then Mistress Arial and Sir Martin, Khalja and Her Grace Hlutwige each received one.

When the turnover happened, Skeggi and Taisiia came into court accompanied by the Ravensfurys and many of the Dukes and Jarls of An Tir and the West, including Steingrim, Ulfred, Davin, Barak, Paul of Bellatrix and Uther, who all spoke for them. Then Skeggi and Taisiia were crowned, Dagmaer received her County (and is taking the title "Grevinde", Danish for Countess) and peerage fealties were sworn.

In the evening the parties started - Mistress Pinkie, however, was in rare form - it was a "Cabana boys training camp" as much as a party. She was directing her coterie of cabana boys, led by Hrafnir, who was the very model of a cabana boy. She had started out with the requirement that it was a girlie party, and the admission price for the boys were either to get barefoot and serve drinks and snacks or to entertain with music or stories. So, we had a number of squires and knights serving the ladies. Later in the evening, she broadened the definition of "entertainment" to include the display of tattoos, and had a stream of kilted young hunks to inspect. Oh, and Svana pegged the decibel meter a number of times, at least before we got the warning from the constabulary to keep it down...

Later, I went up to Anne-Marie and Daedin's room to finish up the evening playing harp and guitar with Sir Martin le Harper. Sometimes I forget how much fun it is to play along with other people.

A little Curia Sunday morning, lots of goodbyes and we hit the road back to Portland in the snow and ice.

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