Yuletide happenings

We've been busy the last several weeks. Liadan has finished the tunic she made for Crown Princess Asa, in red linen with Norse applique on the arms. We've shifted now to the feast season and getting ready for Estrella. I played harp at Yule Feast last night, and will play again at Aefflaed's Laurel vigil tomorrow night and Stromgard's Yule next weekend. Attended Brigitta's Pel vigil last weekend. Much painting of tent is going on right now.


We've finished painting out the designs on our tent in the last 2 weeks. Tai and Gulenay made this tent early this year, and the fabric paints used bled and smeared after May Crown. We bought it earlier this fall. I matched the canvas color with acrylic paints and "erased" the designs, to replace them with the look of wattle-and-daub, kind of a stucco look with maybe a little "trompe l'oeil" faked exposed wattle here and there. The roof will be done in "thatch" again done with paint.

At Estrella, we should have the tent done with some "mud flaps" around the bottom to keep the cold air out, and a ground cloth. It has two poles that hold up the center ring that have enough room between them to put our propane campfire, perhaps hung from a tripod. Their Excellencies Titus and Kateline will be using our tent as their "base of operations" on site. They're day-tripping, and staying in Phoenix at her aunt's home.

Posted by: Conchobar on Dec 07, 03 | 5:18 pm


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