Went to Egil's this weekend, I've been going most of the last 10 years. New site this time, in Lynx Hollow. Should be pretty nice, especially as the site is developed. I understand that Adiantum has a long-term arrangement for the use of this site.


Stayed with Khalja and Olin in their yurt. We had a smaller Ulfredsheim contingent than last week at Crown, Ulfred and Elfreda, Angelika, Frederick, Demetria and Bruce, K'seniia and Forbhlaith, and Ula Brennasdottir were in our camp this time. Our camp was on one side of the eric, the Summits pavilion was on another and the merchants and the commons made up the other sides.

Played harp over in the Stromgard camp on Saturday evening, sat booth for and talked with Mistress Fjorlief quite a bit. Spent awhile at Master William Beornsson's tent playing with jewelry, looking at books, yakking with folks and eating ice cream.

I gave Elaine de Montgris' daughter Rotrude a ride back to Portland after the event. We stopped in to see Ban-Iarla Siobhan at her new Starbucks in Albany, for a quick drink and to say hi. Rotrude is a nice young lady, it's always interesting to get the perspective of a young person who grew up in the SCA.

Posted by: Conchobar on May 27, 03 | 4:35 pm


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