What I'm planning for my Laurel ceremony

Order of the Laurel called.
Three who will speak for me - Isolde, Mira and Hlutwige.
I am called into court. Ulfredsheim processes in from back and stops well short of the Order.
(I continue on to front)


Isolde releases me from fealty, and she and Mira put a belt of six colors on me. I swear fealty to TRMs upon the Crown of State. Medallion, circlet. Rise and greet the Order.
(I step to the center)
“I would beg a boon of Your Majesties. In the tradition of my house, I would swear an oath before You, the members of the Order and the populace.”
(Ulfred brings me a horn of my mead.)
“I stand before you now as a master of the clarseach, the harp. But what of the other skills that a true bard of the highest calling must possess? That of the filidh, the poet; the seannachaidh, the storyteller; the brehon, the wise counselor?”
(raise horn)
“All these will I learn, though well it may take me to the end of my days. I will endeavor to teach all who seek, for knowledge itself is a living thing, and so it is carried through the ages. By doing so, the knowledge will live on, and I may serve the people, my peers and the Crown of An Tir.”
(drain horn)
(process out)

Posted by: Conchobar on Jun 12, 03 | 4:44 pm


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