Just got back from Jarlshof, Jarl Dak's estate out beyond Auburn, WA. We camped out in the woods and made boards from logs with mallets and wedges, and hewed them to shape with adzes and drawknives.


Jarl Sir Ulfred made a "dugout" bench out of a log with the adze. We cooked lots of "roast beast", sang around the campfire, and generally enjoyed the campout without all the "event" overhead.

I went into Tacoma Friday evening for Isolde's apprentice get-together. I guess it was my "last gasp" as an apprentice ;-) Isolde and I talked while she was cooking away, she made a wonderful multi-course Indian meal. Lots of tasty stuff, with lamb, rice, breads and some really spicy vindaloo. This was to go with the theme of the party, which was a "Red Dwarf" marathon. All 7 seasons of that very silly British Sci-Fi spoof. Stayed over and had breakfast the next morning, then back to camp.

Had fun playing with the electrified harp with the wireless transmitter. It actually worked from 100 feet away from the receiver. I set the amp, stomp box and receiver up inside the yurt, hidden from view and run from my little power box. It outputs both 12V DC and 120V AC, so I can run electric stuff "off the grid". Next thing will be to build all this into a "Norse rowing bench". I love taking high-tech stuff and hiding it away. "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"

Posted by: Conchobar on Jul 06, 03 | 4:47 pm


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