Gearing up for Coronation

We're getting ready for Coronation in a week. What do we have to do? Let's see, shopping for supplies, pack the trailer, pick out garb and finish prepping food for the vigil. Liadan is handling most of the food and drinks, and I'm baking Irish soda bread and scones.


For the event itself, get to site when it opens, set up Brockhalla, set up the yurt. We'll probably have about 70 people in the Ulfredsheim camp this time, more than we had at either of the last two September Crowns. Yo - the 'Heims the place to hang!

My vigil is Friday night, probably from about 8:30 to 1:00 or so. It'll be great to be with Isolde and Rauokinn on their vigils as well. All 3 peerages represented, and I can't remember both a master and their apprentice ever doing joint vigil. Isolde has done an amazing amount of work for the Kingdom over the years, I can't believe she wasn't a Pelican already. I've watched as Raoukinn has become the the equal of any Knight. She's the first woman to be knighted in An Tir in 15 years, and only the third one ever. I have a great deal of admiration for her and all she has accomplished, as well as being a good friend.

Big breakfast Saturday morning, then get ready for my Laurel ceremony. Liadan made me a really nice linen camisa with laurel leaves appliqued around the neck and sleeves. Court starts about 12:00, I'm not sure what time my elevation happens. Do the peerage ceremony, take part in the 3M Baronial changeover, and there's several other Laurels to be made, so will be staying in court most of the afternoon.

Big party in the Ulfredsheim camp Saturday night, and I will probably drink way too much, play harp, tell stories, and belly dance. I'm bringing a bottle of "Forgotten Mead" that I brewed 17 years ago. I'll be using some in the oath that's a part of my ceremony. We saved a couple bottles for if either of us was ever made a peer, so I guess this is the time. Plus some champagne, Barenjager and the utterly deadly "Amazombies" (Attitude Adjustment in a Glass ;-).

Then I will get up with a massive hangover on Sunday morning, go to the "Meet the Peers" thing at 8, Curia about 9, and sometime later, do the semi-annual inventory of Royal regalia. This involves counting all the stuff in the Royal pavilion, then emptying the Kingdom trailer and counting everything as we put it back in. Then back to camp, tear down, go home and collapse.

You know, just your usual light weekend in the SCA...

Posted by: Conchobar on Jul 11, 03 | 4:50 pm


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