This striped viking A-frame belongs to my sister HL Rogned (formerly Tatyana Steingrimdottir), and His Grace, Yarl Dak, of An Tir. Click here for more info on Norse A-Frames .

Click here for information on several Norse A-frames made by a recreationist group in Manchester. All hand-sewn, wool covers.

A purchased bell wedge with some beautiful woodwork and painting. Click here for general info on Bell Wedges, or for painting/decorating information (following the link at the top of the page). Many of the comments in the painting section are by the pavilion's owner, Master Ivar Hakonarson.

A vendor using an A-frame, opened up with an extra set of timbers.

Wedge tent photographed at 3YC. Wooden bed inside, with the tent flaps tied back for ventilation.

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