A scene from the CHRONICAL OF ALFONSO X OF CASTILE, showing Christians and Arabs in battle. The tent shown is Arab (one source for this picture claims they are Moorish), between 1252-1284. Round, natural or white in color, with double guy ropes, and a red roof cap. Peak is a ball finial, with a three lobed ornament on top. Grommets or stays are red. With eight sets of ropes on each side of the tent, it would doubtful that there is any interior structure except the segmented center pole. Bottom of tent appears scalloped, but this may be due to the tension of the stakes. Short double sets of ropes at the bottom function as stake loops, and look like they are attached by the same sort of red grommets or stays as the roof edge.

This is a very commonly documented form of Middle Eastern tent. Other pictures of the same era show a tent similar to these, with a red interior (lined) and Arabic writing in a round band midway down the roof. One source for this picture claims it is Moors vs. the Christians.

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