BANNERS Here is some info from Master Terafan re: making banners.   I asked: "What method did you use for
coloring your silk, or did you appliqué it?"

He responded:
I did not appliqué it.  After doing lots of research on the elements of
"standards" in period, I designed my standard in PowerPoint and then printed
it onto a transparency.  I used an overhead projector with the silk taped to
the wall.  I traced my design using a fabric marker, and then stretched the
silk out on a very long frame I made.  (The frame took up most of the length
of the living room and dining room.)  I then used a gutta (as a resist) to
draw all the lines.  Once the gutta was dry, I painted (dyed) the color in.

I am happy with the design, but not happy with my execution.  The silk I
used had lots of slubs, and the resist didn't always penetrate the slubs, so
sometimes the dye would run into the wrong area.  I also didn't quite have
it blown up enough, so it is really only about 15 ft long.

I am going to make another one in September, but with the right type of
silk.  The silk I originally used was a gift from a friend.  There are a
couple of poor pictures of the standard on my Double Wars 01 page.
http://www.greydragon.org/images/DoubleWars01/index.htm.   The standard is
the tallest one, on the far right of the first picture.  I will take a
better picture of the standard, and put it up. "

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