Before it was published, I received an email from Dr. Peter-Alford Andrews, describing his new book:

"Felt Tents and Pavilions is another book. I finished it last year, after twenty-seven years effort, on and off, so it is rather bigger than the one you have. It is again in two volumes, the text being 1442 pages, with 20 maps, drawings by my wife, and lots of photos, sixteen of them coloured. It concerns the history of tents in Central Asia, including Mongolia, Iran, and Northern India. It therefore draws primarily on historical texts (Mongolian, Persian, Arabic, Turkish) plus the accounts of early European travellers, backed up by visual material whenever it was available, especially Persian and Moghul book paintings. It therefore overlaps hardly at all with the book yiou have. Half of the text is, I understand, printed, and if I manage to soldier through all those page proofs in a couple of months, it should be out by autumn. I'll send you a flier when it emerges." My note: anticipated price of this book will be about ninety pounds sterling (multiply by 1.66 or so for American dollars).

American distributor for the Professor's books: The Rug Book Shop, 2603 Talbot Rd, Baltimore, MD 21216-1621 tel. 410-367-8194 Contact: Prof. Paul Kreiss. e-mail:


Orlando--Want to see detail in a royal pavilion?  Check out this video, and the skating party scene.

Seven Years in Tibet --Great Tibetan tents

The Conqueror--Just put it on this list because it is too laughable--John Wayne as Genghis Khan. Pathetic acting and script, but it was fun to see them move the yurts on carts. Looks like they're using two-tiered Turkman yurts, with the curved roof poles, instead of the shorter, straight-poled Mongol ghers. Some interesting decorations...

A & E's Ivanhoe--Looks like the pavilions were all made by the same person, but the detail and decorations were unusually good.

A & E's Foot Soldier Series--Often talks about the shelters the soldiers used throughout history. Excellent!

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