Another book that is really good is "The Tassels Book" by Anna Crutchfield ISBN1 85067 222 1 1997, publishers Lorenz Books , New York,NY Has lots of pictures and really beautiful projects. I am using the "hard" tassel style to make trims for my seat cushions on our new medieval chairs. Luckily I have a friend that does wood turning to make my tops, although I started with wooden parts from Michael's when I started. Lady Clare

> Any road, the book is "The Art of Tassel Making" by Susan Dickens, > 1994, publishers Allen and Unwin, NSW, Australia. > ISBN 1 86448 122 6.

Mongolian Architecture by N. Tsultem. It consists of four (4) parts of a historical survey of Mongolian Architecture, the Ger, Yurt, and the architecture of the Ger form, modern town buildings, and planning town buildings. The album deals with early complexes of human burials which date even from the stone ages, stone sculptures, rock-paintings, the ruins of settlements, fortresses. palaces, "Yurts" and "Ger-Garts." Hardbound with jacket, 150 colored and 50 black and white photographs. Printed in English, Russian, Spanish, French. $35.00

Cd--Iberian Garden

Arts and Crafts of the Swat Valley