Mira Silverlock's Laurel Ceremony  June 16, 2001
Night court after War College.  In front: HL Conor with harp, HL Jill Blackhorse in chair, HL Alfric in spiffy Lao hat, HL Liadhan.
Sunjan reads the email she sent, apologizing for not 'being there'.  She was there all right--she and Fujiwara rented a van and drove down from Canada Saturday, after finding out about the ceremony Friday.  After it was over, they headed right back home (War College was in Estacada, Oregon). Laurels in attendance were Duchess Hlutwige, Master Sif, Master Sunjan, Mistress Regina, and Mistress Kat.  Baron Gwilym and Baroness of Elizabeth are on the blue cape, Baroness Miranda of Stromgard is at the bottom center in white.  Prince Angus of the Summits can be seen in silver coronet at left of the picture.
Master Malcolm MacGregor, OP (unseen, unfortunately) speaks.
Sir Atais gets up to speak.
Swearing fealty on the crown of the King of An Tir (King Davin is holding the crown)
Marmot Khan riding in splendor atop the umbrella, HL Fujiwara as umbrella bearer.  HL Elfreda looks on in the background.

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