. A pic of me, a couple of years ago... Pic of me at War College '01

The reason my life has been so rich,  Teegar (my late husband Dwayne) in a rare pic of him in garb. His memorial page is here.

My friend and sister, Mistress Rogned (Maya) at her Laurel Ceremony, Twelth Night '00. The detail on the hat is a fringe made of a netting of freshwater pearls, on blue velvet.

My current Champion and Defender, HL Ragnar von Grimsson, Commander of Ravenslevy.  After my husband's death,  I found it difficult to deal with certain people and situations, and Ragnar took a public oath to defend me against such problems.  Want to see what he looks like when he goes to London....?

...yep. Like a medieval guy (er.....with a digital camera...:).  This photo was taken in the main kitchens of Hampton Court Palace.  Ragnar had packed his coat and boots "just in case".

My former Champion, Squire Godric ap Rhys.  Squire Godric fought for me in the lists in '01, and I am honored that he still bears my favor. Photo used by gracious permission of London Accessories

  • A really bad picture of my Apprentice Tai Tjorkillsdatr, wrangling yards and yards of canvas at KWAS '01.  Better pic at

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