RECTANGULAR, OVAL  & SQUARE TENTS--Click on a  small picture to see the larger picture, and an explanation.

Pennsic '99, Painted Canvas tent, commercial roof, painted to resemble a cottage

Reconstructed Roman leather marching tent

Oval pavilion, decorated roof, appliqued walls, pipe frame. Photographed An Tir/West War several years ago.

Square striped tent with centerpole, heraldic display banner, constrasting valance.  Pennsic '97 or '99.

Oval or rectangular pavilion with colorful roof, ornamentation on roof, including latticework on rigde. Photographed Pennsic '99.

This is a remake of the first tent I ever did. The walls are panels of ripstop, with a thicker, woven nylon roof. The frame consists of four corner poles with two guys ropes each, and two vertical roof poles, held by tension. The door is shown pulled up and tied under the roof, for ventilation.

Oval pavilion with ornate valance and door used as an awning. By Dame Meagan Windemere of Oakwood.D

Beatifully decorated cabin/wall style tent.  Dags on guy lines, lantern on protruding ridgepole, painted knotwork designs.

Unusual, very interesting square tent, with a great deal of decoration and contrast in color.  Taken at Pennsic '99.

A great argument against plain white tents!  This may be commercially made (or not),  but the color combination makes it a standout.

Large rectangular merchant's pavilion, with blue and white dags, and Celtic dogs decorating the roof.  Wooden frame.

Roman legions tents at Estrella '99

Square tent with centerpole--white with green accents, gold ivy on green valance, Gold Key banner on corner.

THE FOLLOWING PICTURES ARE NOT LINKS--the explanations and pictures are on this page only.

A lovely pavilion designed and crafted by Mistress Ariel de Courteney of An Tir. Finishing touches--flying pennant on the roof, and beautifully-painted Hebrew inscription in gold on the overhang.

Another pavilion by Mistress Cymbric of the Isles. Wooden finials, period furnishings (including a rope bed with carved wooden sections) , clean lines, and a surprising amount of space in a small pavilion made this one really stand out. Sir Brand is shown arming up aforeground, and the round yellow and white pavilion in back is also crafted by Mistress Cymbric.

This pavilion was designed and crafted by Lady Ameline Fitzgerald of the Canton of Porte de l'Eau. This is a centerpole square pavilion with a rigid square 'hoop', and no guide lines. Great dags! Photographed at An Tir Coronation '98.

This striped tent belongs to HL William Percival and HL Elspeth of Wyre Forest. Note the two enclosed ends with a open area in between.

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