With the gracious consent of Syr Arlof O'Donovae, I am honored to present the three years' worth of SACRED SPACES, the official newsletter of the Known World Architectural Guild. Syr Arlof was the editor and the driving force for The Guild, and the content of his publications have impressed me from the first time I obtained a copy. I have found the information and spirit contained within these articles to be immensely inspiring.  It reminds us of what the Society can be, and that we can make it so.

These newsletters are, unfortunately, no longer being published and back copies are not available. If you need further information, please email Syr Arlof here. Though I have included a Table of Contents, I do recommend that you take the time to read through the newsletters in the sequence in which they were published. Together they tell a story of accomplishment and potential.---Dame Mira Silverlock


"Several years ago, I began to notice growing interest in the creation of reproduction furniture, tents and objects from the Middle Ages. Thanks to the enthusiastic help of many talented friends and co-conspirators, I established a loosely defined national group interested in capturing the architectural "essence" of those times. The "Known World Architectural Guild" grew over three years to about 200 members.

During those three years, we held annual meetings, brainstormed ideas, and through our newsletter, Sacred Spaces, reported on significant (or simply noteworthy) projects from both the States and Europe. The level of documentation and accuracy in these projects varied from the near identical prototype (the Glastonbury Chair), to the suggestive and theatrical (elements of the nave of Chartres Cathedral erected inside a barn).

The primary purpose of the Guild was never to recreate a completely "authentic" past-but rather to capture the profound impact that settings, spaces and objects of those times had on our ancestors. At times, we felt that we hit the mark, and came away with powerful impressions.

The Guild and the newsletter are no more, but thanks to Tanya Guptill's labors, you can now share the results of our brief experiment. Perhaps you will find the inspiration to carry on this type of work, and extract meaning from the past that resonates in the present."

--Matthew Power (Syr Arlof O'Donovae, Count of Aranmor)

SACRED SPACES TABLE OF CONTENTS--List of articles in order of publication

.The files are in PDF format, so you will need the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

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