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Johann von Drachenfel with his personal pavilion.  Since Johann is the owner of  Dragonwing Pavilions, you know this one is exceptional.

PICTURES BELOW THIS LINE DO NOT HAVE LINKS ON OTHER PAGES.  All photos and descriptions are listed here only.

This is the personal tent I used most, before I did the yurt.  It is 44 yards of Ultrex, with a segmented centerpole, and a flexible hoop (I used two of the biggest dome tent shock-corded pole sets I could find, set together with bamboo connectors). The hoop is covered by a casing.  When uncovered, the triangular roof vent draws hot air upward, creating a nice breeze in the doorway. The painting is done in metallic gold, in my badge's wave design. This photo shows the door (at left) tied up for ventilation, and my old banner hanging from the side of the tent. I'm the lady in the picture. Positives--Packs very small, waterproof, huge inside. Negatives--I have to redo the rope structure and make some modifications so it will be more stable in wind.  I am adding gale lines from the peak, and double ropes that fork from the eaves.  This tent was made in '94.

A medieval interpretion of a conical tent, using a purchased Sibley. The interior includes a fire pit, and extensive celtic beastie paintings. Though a rain cap was included with this tent when it was bought, the owners says rain isn't much of a problem when it comes through the small smokehole. For more information on Sibley tents, click here.

A beautiful small round tent, designed and crafted by HL Cymbric of the Isles. I was especially impressed with how clean the lines are on this, and the flared slope of the roof. Note the finishing details--beautiful wood finials.

One of my favorite pavilions, designed and constructed by Dame Meagan Windemere of Oakwood, who resides in Adiantum. .  The walls are detachable, and the window coverings have cord that threads through to the inside of the tent, so you can draw up the shutter to peek out. Note the elaborate roof!

HL Antoinette Le Blanc wrote me about this tent: "The round purple and red tent at the bottom of this site used to be owned by my husband and I, HL John Bowslayer and HL Antoinette LeBlanc.  The tent was made by someone from Stromgard.  When we purchased it, it was blue and white.  We painted it purple and red, for our household colors, using regular exterior latex, cut with water.  We sold it to a household from Shittemwoode when we bought our Panther pavilion, which is also purple and red."   My notes: An interesting round tent, with Celtic knotwork 'bellyband' painting. I didn't get a chance to look at the frame, but I really liked the colors. I get so bored by just white tents!

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